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Frequently asked questions:
Are BakeArt’s products gluten free?
1. Gluten is not handled on our production site.
2. If you would like us to confirm the product is gluten free so you can make this claim on your product we would need to swab before and after production. This is not routinely done. It is only done when requested
3. Please advise us on your order so this can be carried out – we cannot do this once your order has been produced
4. There is a 1 off charge for this of £250.00 per product.
What is the % of palm oil in the product? (sugar paste & sprinkles)
There is no hidden palm oil.
Average total palm in sprinkles is 6%
Average total palm in sugar paste is 7.5%
Are BakeArt’s products Halal/Kosher Certified?
1. No
2. We can arrange to have them certified.
3. The cost for this is £350.00 per product you would like certified (this price is valid until Dec 2019)
4. There is a lead time of 4 weeks to have this arranged
Are BakeArt’s products RSPO segregated?
BakeArt’s RSPO certification is for Mass balance opposed to segregated, which at the moment we will not be changing. RSPO information is stated on the specification.
Does BakeArt use products that have Irradiation/Ionising
BakeArt does not use ingredients that have been irradiated. This is confirmed through supplier approval COC & COA of raw materials.
Is the palm from a hydrogenated source? (sugar paste + sprinkles)
No. It is confirmed through supplier approval & specification.
Is the palm RSPO certified (sugar paste & sprinkles)
Yes Bakeart operate mass balance which is certified
How can I stop the sugar paste decoration turning soft/sludging on top of the icing?
1. Check if the product supplied has been supplied with glaze
2. Leave the icing to skin slightly before the decoration is added
3. Try to reduce the moisture content in your icing/topping
4. Maybe try to use icing/compound instead of icing
5. Product can be supplied by BakeArt with a double shellac coating. Please contact us for more information.
Are BakeArt’s sugar paste/shaped sprinkles/rotary moulded products suitable for vegetarians?
Are BakeArt’s sugar paste/shaped sprinkles/rotary moulded products suitable for vegans?
Yes as long as they are not finished with a shellac glaze. If a product is glazed the code will finish with glz.
Are your products free from artificial colurs and flavours?

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