sugarpaste reindeer and santa plaques santa reindeer sugarpaste plaque santa and reindeer plaques Sugarpaste gingerbread man red and white sugarpaste christmas tree

Reindeer & Santa Plaques

Code: BA11176
Pack Size: 240 units
Dimensions: 127mm x 95mm


Reindeer & Santa Plaques

Code: BA12389
Pack Size: 240 units
Dimensions: 127mm x 95mm


Santa & Reindeer Plaques

Code: BA11922
Pack Size: 60 units
Dimensions: 147mm x 72mm


Sugarpaste Gingerbread Man

Code: BA12371
Pack Size: 308 units
Dimensions: 25mm x 20mm


Red & White Christmas Tree

Code: BA12401
Pack Size: 240 units
Dimensions: 108mm x 102mm



christmas ties sugarpaste sugarpaste santa head sugarpaste snowman sant aand snowman plaques assorted snowman plaquess

Assorted Christmas Ties

Code: BA11935
Pack Size: 210 units
Dimensions: 58mm x 35mm


Sugarpaste Santa Head

Code: BA12376
Pack Size: 525 units
Dimensions: 65mm x 60mm


Sugarpaste Snowman

Code: BA12388
Pack Size: 240 units
Dimensions: 120mm x 80mm


Santa & Snowman Plaques

Code: BA11960
Pack Size: 234 units
Dimensions: 30mm


Assorted Snowman Plaques

Code: BA11959
Pack Size: 90 units
Dimensions: 80mm